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Water & Sewer Services

photo of water plant
Water service shut-off/turn-on

Water system users sometimes need to have their service shut off so that they can make repairs or complete a renovation or demolition. Others who do not reside at their property year-round may wish to have their water service shut off during the winter months.  

Anyone who wants their water service shut off or turned on should first contact the Municipal office to pay the associated fee. A Work Order will then be submitted to the Public Works department.

Please note that: 
  • Public Works requires 48-hour notice of a turn on/shut off request
  • Water service turn on/shut off will not be available after 11 am on Fridays or at any time on weekends, except in an emergency situation  
  • When a water service is being turned on, the property owner or a person designated by the property owner must be present and have access to the building on the property that has water service 

Locates of water/sewer services

The Public Works department will identify the location of water and sewer lines as well as service boxes on municipal property. 
  • Locates will not be performed after 11 am on Fridays or at any time on weekends, except in an emergency situation  
  • The Municipality is not responsible for collecting information about or locating lines that are on private property (i.e., on the property owner’s side of the service box). 

The department is in the process of providing data to the Ontario One Call service, which is a central office for requesting locates for water, sewer, or other utility services.

Clean Water Wastewater Fund

 The Clean Water Wastewater Fund  (CWWF) is a Federal program that provides funding for projects that contribute to the rehabilitation of both water treatment and distribution infrastructure.

Killarney has received funding for the Wastewater Lift Station upgrades which will be completed in the fall of 2018.

CWWF Digital Sign

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