Hiking Trails

Image of a family stopped along one of the trails to look out into the water.

East Lighthouse/Tar Vat Bay Trail

Trail head: the end of the road that leads to the Killarney East Lighthouse (left side)
Length: 7 km, circular

The East Lighthouse/Tar Vat Bay trail leads to Pond Point and back. It follows along the coastline of Georgian Bay and passes by Tar Vat Bay, where local commercial fishermen of the late-1800s and early-1900s regularly tarred their nets to prevent them from deteriorating so quickly. A similar spot exists on the George Island Wilderness Trail.

George Island Wilderness Trail

Trail head: The east end of George Island. Killarney Mt. Lodge, at 3 Commissioner Street in Killarney village, will ferry hikers across Killarney Channel to/from the Island
Length: 7.5 km

The George Island trail passes through bush, wetland, and rocky areas until it reaches a stony beach. There is also a spot along this trail where commercial fishermen used to tar their nets to delay their deterioration. Although the practice of tarring nets ended decades ago, the vats remain there today.  

For more information about trails in the Killarney area, visit www.ontariotrails.on.ca