Economic Development

The Municipality wishes to have a measured and well-informed approach to growth and development. Since the most recent Economic Development Plan was created in 2002, the Council decided to have the plan updated in 2014. 

The new Plan will guide the decisions and actions of Council and staff by:

  • identifying productive goals
  • outlining the strategies and resources necessary to reach these goals  

An effective Plan will help to lead activities such as:

  • gathering background information for future grant applications,
  • prioritizing projects, and
  • implementing small projects that can prepare the way for larger ones

The process of updating the Economic Development Plan has been completed. The firm of ClearLogic Consulting Professionals has guided the Plan’s development, together with the Municipality’s Economic Development Steering Committee

For more information about the Economic Development Strategy and to download the proposed final report, please click on the link below:

Council would like to thank those volunteers who gave their valued input to the Steering Committee and ClearLogic during the development of the new economic plan.