Short-Term Rental Accommodations


A Short-term rental (STR) is all or part of a dwelling unit rented out for less than 30 consecutive days. STR accommodations are commonly offered through online platforms such as Airbnb, Vrbo and Kijiji.

The purpose of the licensing program is to balance the economic benefits of short-term rentals, to address community concerns and to ensure the safety of operators, renters and neighbours so that everyone may have an enjoyable experience in Killarney.

Hard copies of the Application Package can be obtained at the Municipal Office located at: 32 Commissioner Street, Killarney, Ontario.

Issued Short Term Rental Licences

The Approved Licence List contains information about licensed short-term rentals in the Municipality of Killarney. Please note that this information is constantly being updated and may not accurately reflect recent submissions. These licences expire on December 31, of each year. 


In 2021, Council showed an interest in managing STRs in our Municipality. Staff created the Short Term Rental Licencing By-law to aid in this management. The by-law was passed in April,  2024.

The licensing by-law includes provisions such as:

  • limit of 20 licences throughout the Municipality and one licence per property 
  • permitted in all zones that permit a residential dwelling
  • limit of rental occupants based on septic capacity 
  • require that a designated responsible person be assigned to respond within specific timeframes
  • enforcement tools such as fines and demerit points


Dog Tag and Kennel Licences

The Municipal Office will now be responsible for issuing Dog Tags and Kennel Licences.
Please contact the Municipal office at 705-287-2424 or visit the Municipal Office at 22 Commissioner Street in Killarney. Cash, credit, debit or cheque will be accepted for payment.
Any resident who has a current issued licence will be considered to have a licence, but that they should contact the Municipal Office (705-287-2424) to ensure that their information is recorded properly.
PLEASE NOTE: The discounted fees will be honored until June 30th 2024 for this year only.