Landfills and Waste Management

The Municipality operates three landfill sites; one in Ward 1 and two in Ward 2. 

* Hartley Bay (998 Hartley Bay Road)

* Key River (off Highway 69S)  

* Killarney village (1111 Highway 637) 

All of the sites accept non-hazardous household and commercial waste. There is no tipping fee for items classed as household waste, for some white goods, or for some items that the Municipality can recycle. There are tipping fees Freon removal, for brown waste, and for construction/renovation waste. See the pamphlet(s) below for more details. 


The Killarney village landfill site is near its approved capacity and the Municipality has not yet received approval from the Ministry of the Environment to expand the licensed fill area.

In order to ensure that there is an adequate room to continue accepting regular and household and commercial waste, this site will no longer accept construction, renovation, or demolition waste, effective immediately.

The recycling program is not affected by this decision. The Municipality still accepts clean wood, brush, electronics, tires, white goods (e.g., stoves, fridges... etc), metal, and household recycling.