Municipal Boundaries

The Municipality of Killarney has an area of more than 1578 square kilometres, with a portion of land in each of three Districts: Manitoulin, Sudbury and Parry Sound. The Municipality is more than twice as large as the geographical area of the City of Toronto and contains two provincial parks - Killarney and French River - within its boundaries.

Ward 1

Ward 1 is the western portion of the Municipality, and includes the following townships: Attlee, Carlyle, Goschen, Hansen, Humboldt, Killarney, Kilpatrick, Rutherford & George Island, Sale, and the islands annexed from NEMI.

Ward 2

Ward 2 is the eastern portion of the Municipality, and includes the townships of: Allen, portions of Bigwood and Mowat, Struthers, Travers, and the Unsurveyed Territory.