Waste Diversion Program

The following waste diversion programs have been set up for each of the Municipality’s landfill sites, at Hartley Bay, Key River, and Killarney village. 

Recycling: Blue Box Program  

The blue box recycling program accepts a variety of plastics, metals, paper, glass, and cardboard. All items except glass and cardboard must be in a clear bag and can be mixed together. Each landfill site has bins set up for blue box recyclables. Once the bin is full, it is trucked to the Sudbury Recycling Depot.   

Please note that blue box programs are not the same in every municipality. Items that are recyclable in one town or municipality may not be accepted in the recycling program of another town or municipality.  

The Municipality’s contract with the Sudbury Recycling Depot lists what items the facility will accept from our landfills. The Depot and the Municipality have additional requirements that allow recyclables to be more safely and efficiently handled by employees. 

Recycling: Electronics

Many electronic items can now be recycled year-round through any of the Municipality’s landfills. This includes, for example, televisions, computers, cell phones, photocopiers, and many other items. For a list of items, see below. 

* Please note that electronics must be PLACED into the area/bin that is used for their collection. Do not throw items into a pile, since this can cause enough damage that the recyclable parts of the device are no longer useful.

Recycling: Scrap Metals    

Scrap metal items such as bicycles, metal furniture, metal framing, metal gutters…etc can all be put into the scrap metal pile, which are trucked away from the landfills annually.  

Recycling: White Goods   

White goods such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, clothes dryers, cook stoves, dehumidifiers, and other appliances are collected in a separate pile at each landfill. These items are trucked away each year along with items in the metal pile. A fee must be paid for any item that has (or had) Freon in it, because the Municipality must obtain the services of a licenced technician to either remove the Freon or provide written verification that there is no Freon in the appliance. There is no tipping fee for white goods that have never contained Freon.

Clean Wood Pile

“Clean wood” has not been treated, painted, or stained. The Municipality’s landfill site operators may burn clean wood under safe conditions so that it does not need to be added to the main waste pile. There is no tipping fee for depositing clean wood in the Municipality’s landfills.