Municipal Wharf Expansion and Redesign Project


Environmental Assessment


The Killarney Municipal Wharf is a centrepiece in the Village of Killarney. The wharf has long been used for commercial fishing operations with a world renown restaurant operating for over 40 years. It has become an active hub for recreational boaters, tourists and local residents.


Located at the top of Georgian Bay on Lake Huron, the Killarney Municipal Wharf has been adversely impacted by the significant water level fluctuations of the Great Lakes. In 2019 and 2020, areas of the wharf became submerged due to record high water levels, leaving it inaccessible to boaters and visiting tourists. To address this situation, the Municipality completed a Wharf Improvement Study, from which the Municipality agreed to proceed with reconstruction of the entire wharf with a higher deck elevation. 

This project will involve completion of a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA). The project will follow a Schedule C Class EA process, which will be used to confirm the solution identified in the Wharf Improvement Study and to select a preferred alternative design. A Public Open House is planned for Fall of 2022 to provide an update on the project. 

Class EA Notices:

Notice of Commencement

A big thank-you to those who have provided their input.
Here is a sample of what we have heard so far. 


“We utilize the boat launch, and enjoy sitting on the dock. It's the hub of town. Love to see an area for vendors, an information booth to pay launch or usage fees and for general information.” 


“Once a week, for a couple of hours to access supplies, post office and refuse drop off. It is the only viable link for us to access vital supplies and services.”
“Currently I only go the Wharf to launch my boat in the spring and take it out in the fall. There really isn't much else to draw me there but I think it could be a great space for additional businesses and entertainment if developed thoughtfully.”

We want to hear from you on what the Killarney Municipal Wharf means to you and its importance to the community.

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Watch this space for more information about the project as it develops.


A public open house is planned for the near future.  If you would like to be added to the stakeholder list, please e-mail us at