Killarney Virtual Exhibit

About the Exhibit

The Killarney Virtual Exhibit was developed by the Municipality of Killarney, in collaboration with Know History Inc., to share and celebrate the community’s over 200-year history on a digital platform. Through a curated collection of photographs, newspaper articles, and heirlooms, the exhibit highlights significant moments in Killarney’s past and brings the community’s story to the present.

The exhibit centres around five themes: Marine Life, Isolation, Transportation, Family, and Lifestyle. Marine Life refers to Killarney’s close connection with the waters of Georgian Bay. Transportation captures the many modes of travel used to access the community over the past two centuries. Isolation acknowledges the town’s seclusion due to the lack of accessible roadways before 1962. Family addresses the original families that established Killarney and their lasting legacies within the community. Lifestyle focuses on the unique way of life that residents developed in the community. The exhibit features cultural resources from Killarney that are connected to one or more of these historic themes.

This project was made possible by Killarney community members, who donated items from their personal collections, as well as the project’s sponsors. The exhibit will continue to grow as new items are added to the collection. If you have an item that you would like to share, please contact the Municipality of Killarney to have it assessed.

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