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Welcome Home

We are reaching out to those who once resided in Killarney. We would love to have you back for the official KILLARNEY HOMECOMING. The Planning Committee has created an incredible week-long program and yes, we guarantee a great time. Return to the Killarney experience. Kindly enter “Celebrate With Us” and have a look at some of our headliners.

YES! Count Me in “VOLUNTEERING 200” in 2022

We are looking for volunteers to help us plan, organize, and deliver Killarney’s 200th celebration on July 3 to July 10, 2022. Kindly enter “Celebrate with Us” and take a look at the VOLUNTEER section. We are sure there will be something that will excite you to be part of the Killarney Experience.

Killarney Kitchen House Party

We have some pretty incredible acts booked for the “Killarney Kitchen House Party” that will be taking place on Sunday afternoon on July 10, 2022. Be part of the design team by letting us know what you feel typically happens at one of the past kitchen house parties. Kindly send your comments to Gary J. Michalak at

Killarney’s Stories

The Killarney Veteran’s Memorial Hall will be the hub for local historians, artists, artisans, to come together to tell their stories about their favourite historical events. If you have an exciting event or topic of historical significance, and would like to be part of our team - PLEASE give us a call.

The Killarney Quarterly

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