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2022 - Regular Meetings

The Municipality’s regular Council meetings are normally held the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM. The agenda for each regular Council meeting is set by the Clerk-Treasurer or her designate the week before that month’s meeting. This allows staff the time needed to organize the supporting documents for that agenda so that each Council member can be provided with advance copies.

Anyone who wishes to address Council on a matter, whether in person or by correspondence, must submit their comment, concern, or inquiry to the Clerk-Treasurer’s office before 4:00 PM on the Thursday before the upcoming Council meeting.

2022 Regular Meetings
May 11
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April 13
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March 9 View | Download View | Download
February 9 View | Download View | Download
January 19 View | Download View | Download
January 12 Rescheduled

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